Culturally Rich, Sustainable, Space-Efficient: Cultural Center For Sabah Al Ahmad Sea City

Cultural Center, Sabah Al Ahmad Sea City
To be built in the middle of the desert this futuristic waterway city Sabah Al Ahmad seems to one day become a highly attractive sight in many aspects. The Public Authority of Housing Welfare plans to build there a Cultural Center worth going all the way to Kuwait just to visit it. The center is aimed to be a timeless, sustainable, space-efficient, humanistic and spiritually inspiring. Designers will confront a lot of architectural and environmental challenges. Speaking about the looks, the ‘dhow’, the sailing ship, dynamic shapes, and roof awning adjoining the whole complex, real trees, and vegetation and timber columns will make the Cultural Center highly distinctive and feeling like an oasis. The exterior is also going to surprise as the building will look like a lily pond from mid-air.

Cultural Center, Sabah Al Ahmad Sea City

Cultural Center, Sabah Al Ahmad Sea City

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