The Himalaya Water Storage And Supply Towers

Himalaya Water Storage, futuristic skyscrapers
The Himalaya Water Tower is a huge construct intended to collect water during the rainy season, filter, freeze, and store it for the future use of the residents further down the mountains. This skyscraper or skyscrapers will consist of the lower part created of curved and twisted pipes to collect and store water; and the upper part made with four cylindrical steel frameworks to hold frozen water and two mechanical sections to freeze the water (when the climate conditions can’t do it naturally), cleanse it, and regulate water and ice allocation within the structure.

Himalaya Water Storage, Future Tower
At the Himalaya Water Tower foundation there is a transportation system distributing fresh water town and cities through the system of curved channels and a railway within them.

Himalaya Water Storage, Future Building

Himalaya Water Storage, Futuristic concept

Himalaya Water Storage, Future Architecture

Himalaya Water Storage, Amazing Tower

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