NASA Plans To Construct A Base On Moon

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So many times we have read about human bases built on other planets in science fiction. Might this one day become a reality? NASA definitely thinks so. An ambitious plan of building a base on the moon has been announced by NASA. Despite the fact that NASA is not the first agency to come up with such an idea (Japan and Russia had similar plans in the past), the base on the moon still remains a project. The base will not at all look like a permanent building on the moon but will resemble a spacecraft with a team of astronauts stationed in the orbit above the far side of the moon and will serve as the launch-base for any future missions to Mars or the moon. It has been thoroughly though over that the effects of gravity on the spaceship should be minimal, which will result in minimal fuel consumption. If NASA gathers enough funds for the project, we might witness the test launch of the “base” already in 2017.

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