Emergency Ark To Escape From Natural Disasters

Vth Ark, future building, Moatasem Esmat
Named the Vth Ark the project by Moatasem Esmat of the Helwan University is to cut down the number of victims during natural catastrophes. The Vth Ark is put on a stand to shelter from minor floods and is planned to be robust enough to become a floating refuge within high waves and debris. To serve both aims the Ark lets water to stream right through it; it is connected to the ground with adaptive chains and has storage of food, safety equipment and a first aid room. The concept is also covered with LED lights to serve as a rescue signal in the worst case scenario.
Via: DesignBuzz.com
Vth Ark, futuristic architecture, Moatasem Esmat

Vth Ark, futuristic cocnept, Moatasem Esmat

Vth Ark, futuristic design, Moatasem Esmat

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