Window Sockets Generate Solar Power

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The grid electricity generated by fossil fuels is already outdated, solar power is the future of energy!. Boa Oh and Kyuho Song have designed the Window Socket concept, which is actually a small solar charger that can be stuck to window panes. The solar panel soaks in the sunlight and stores it in the 1000mAh battery inside. There’s an electrical outlet at the backside of the device, in which a phone or a small device can be plugged in to recharge. The on board battery retains its charge for about 10 hours, so you can stick it to a window before you leave for work in the morning and when you come back in the evening, the socket would be all charged up and ready for you to utilize its electricity. The device could prove particularly handy for people who live in regions that experience power cuts during the night.

Window Sockets Generate Solar Power, Green Energy, Solar Panels, Eco Technology, Green Future

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