RIEGL Laser Scanners To Monitor Traffic In UK

riegl, vz 400, laser scanner
Sixteen out of twenty two police and traffic authorities awarded funding in the UK decided to spend it on purchasing RIEGL VZ-400 laser scanner devices (made by 3D Laser Mapping) for collecting quick and accurate evidence at collision sites, thus reducing traffic jams caused by road closures. The RIEGL laser scanners have proven highly efficient in resolving collision cases for the following reasons. Firstly, they grasp the slightest details and color under all lighting conditions. Secondly, the RIEGL laser utilizes both online waveform analysis and echo digitization, providing 5mm accuracy in measurements at 600meters range, irrespective of the weather. And lastly, VZ-400 functions at 122,000 points per second and come with a wide 100 x 360-degree field of view.
Via: gizmowatch.com
riegl, vz 400, laser scanner, trafic, future transportation

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