The RoboEarth Cloud Engine Allows Robots To Move Their Heavy Computation Into The Cloud (+VIDEO)

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A group of European researchers from five different labs have recently developed a new web-based informational database that will make complex tasks easier for robots and help them find solutions to problems in various situations. Since late 2009 researchers have been working on RoboEarth, a “World Wide Web for robots“, that stores data remotely, so that robots can process information uploaded by other robots. And now they’ve created Rapyuta, the RoboEarth Cloud Engine, which is
an open-source robotics platform that allows robots to move their heavy computation into the cloud, decreasing the need for on-board computation. It catalogues descriptions of situations and objects that robots have faced with, so that every robot doesn’t have to build up knowledge from the ground up of how to do things like navigate a room or fold clothing. The project leader, Mohanarajah Gajamohan, claims that Rapyuta may prove very efficient for drones and self-driving cars, cause moving computation into the cloud could make robots cheaper, longer-running and more mobile.

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