Will Solar Satellites Provide Us Infinite Energy?

solar satellite, infinite energy
A team of engineers from the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow is testing ‘solar satellites’ equipment that would collect the sun’s energy 24/7 and transfer it back to remote areas via microwaves or lasers. Previously, the successful Suaineadh experiment led by the team created a lightweight spinning ‘space web’ over the Arctic Circle that became the base for the large space structure. Dr. Massimiliano Vasile (of Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at the University of Strathclyde) leading the space-based solar power research, said: “The current project, called SAM (Self-inflating Adaptable Membrane) will test the deployment of an ultra light cellular structure that can change shape once deployed. The structure is made of cells that are self-inflating in vacuum and can change their volume independently through nanopumps.”
Via: inhabitat.com

solar satellite infinite energy

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