DARPA Funded Research Develops Technique To Blow Bubbles In Space

Since long, Scientists have been trying to find a way to deploy large structures in space. However, transporting such large structures into space is not feasible given the limitations on payload size. The patented invention from DARPA solves this problem by taking an ingenious approach of building large structures in space itself. It takes advantage of the very special conditions that exist in space, in particular, microgravity, which is the name given to extremely low gravitational forces in space. One of the remarkable effects of microgravity is the creation and sustenance of very large bubbles. For example, it is possible to create bubbles in space that are 100 times bigger than the bubbles possible under earth’s gravity. A 50cm diameter bubble formed on earth will be 50m in diameter when formed in space…
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DARPA Funded Research Develops Technique To Blow Bubbles In Space

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