LightSail 2 Deployment Tests

The Planetary Society introduces LightSail 2, a solar sailing CubeSat that uses the pressure of sunlight for propulsion. LightSail 2 is the successor to LightSail 1, which completed a successful test flight last year. The new spacecraft will launch with Georgia Tech’s Prox-1 satellite aboard a SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket. This video showcases recent LightSail 2 sail deployment tests at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.
LightSail: A Revolutionary Solar Sailing Spacecraft
Global Warming Solar Sails
The Biggest Solar Sail Will Be Launched By NASA In 2014
In-Space Demonstration Of A Mission-Capable Solar Sail
Future Space Technologies
LightSail 2 Deployment Tests, Solar Sailing, Planetary Society, CubeSat, Future Space Technology, SpaceX, Falcon Heavy Rocket

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