WhammyPhone: Bending Sound with a Flexible Smartphone

Queen’s University’s Human Media Lab unveils musical instrument for a flexible smartphone.

KINGSTON – Researchers at the Human Media Lab at Queen’s University have developed the world’s first musical instrument for a flexible smartphone. The device, dubbed WhammyPhone, allows users to bend the display in order to create sound effects on a virtual instrument, such as a guitar or violin.

“WhammyPhone is a completely new way of interacting with sound using a smartphone. It allows for the kind of expressive input normally only seen in traditional musical instruments.” says Dr. Vertegaal.

WhammyPhone features a Flexible Organic Light Emitting Diode (FOLED) touchscreen display that shows keys that can be used to play sounds on sound synthesis software running on a computer. Like the ReFlex flexible smartphone, WhammyPhone is also equipped with a bend sensor, which allows for the user to bend the phone as a means of manipulating the sound.
Source: Human Media Lab
Read more: Queen’s University
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