Next Gen Gaming: Nintendo Wii U

game, Nintendo Wii U, future gadget
Wii U is a next generation gaming console by Nintendo. GamePad controller is a touchscreen element to interact with games housing two joysticks, buttons and a possibility to use stylus instead of fingers. This second screen may mirror the TV screen or be the extension of the game like the Wiimote. More to it, GamePad can be used as a separate gaming device for some games; as a virtual world window showing 360-degree views; as a social-networking device between Wii U users; and finally, even as a touchscreen remote for a TV. Provided that the GamePad has a silky-smooth touchscreen and perfect motion detector and gyroscope to sense every move and twist of the controller, then we may just start new gaming experience start this fall.
gaming console, Nintendo Wii-U, future gadget

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