The Next Generation Attack Aircraft Concept From Boeing And Sikorsky

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Sikorsky’s coaxial X2 Demonstrator, notable for its coaxial rotor design that sees its two main rotors counter-rotating on the same vertical axis, set an unofficial world speed record for a helicopter in 2010 (250 knots, 288 mph, 463 km/h in level flight). It is now said to become the basis for a new aircraft designed by Sikorsky and Boeing. The companies will submit a joint proposal to build the new aircraft for Phase 1 of the U.S. Army’s Joint Multi-Role (JMR) Technology Demonstrator (TD) program aimed at delivering the next generation of vertical lift utility and attack aircraft. Samir Mehta, the president of Sikorsky Military Systems, reports that Boeing and Sikorsky will lteam up to design an aircraft with an “efficient 230-knot (265 mph, 426 km/h) cruise airspeed, improved hover efficiency, and weigh-optimized design in an affordable package.” Sikorsky will assume the lead for the JMR TD Phase 1 proposal and Boeing will lead the mission systems demonstrator program, Phase 2. It is expected that the demonstrator aircraft will be in the air in 2017.

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