No Chores, Pleasurable Ironing Only

Dyson Calor shocks, future Iron, Stephane Pietroiusti
If you want to experience ironing with ease and make the routine household chore enjoyable, you should try The Dyson Calor’shocks. A new concept of mat and iron promises to flatten the wrinkles on your clothes with low pressure. It works with the help of heat and ultrasound, the winding system of the map is up to 2 meters long.
dyson iron,ultrasound,new concept,new technology02

dyson iron, ultrasound, new concept, new technology03

Dyson Calor shocks, future Iron, Stephane Pietroiusti

Dyson Calor shocks, future Iron, Stephane Pietroiusti

dyson iron,ultrasound,new concept,new technology01

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