Moon Express To Gain U.S. Government Approval For First Private Mission To The Moon

A California space startup is poised to gain government approval for the first private mission to the moon.

Moon Express, a startup from Mountain View, California, is reportedly on the verge of U.S. approval to land on the moon in 2017. The green light would pave the way for commercial ventures outside Earth’s orbit.

In October, the startup announced a contract with Rocket Lab USA for multiple lunar missions between 2017 and 2020, and has been working to clear federal approval to send its MX-1 lander to the moon. The small vehicle would deliver scientific hardware to the lunar surface.

The company hopes to be able to send a series of robotics to the moon for further exploration and the harvesting of resources.
Source: TomoNews US
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The Future of Moon Exploration
The Future of Moon Exploration, Space Future, Moon Express, First Private Mission To The Moon

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