New Millennium Buildings… What Are They Going To Be Like?

GREEN Architecture, future technology
A team of scientists from University of Michigan studied the energy saving and eco-problems in big cities and decided to introduce all new approach to building. Statistics proves them right as 72 percent of cities carbon footprints across the USA come from the skyscrapers. “International Responsive Building Envelopes” (under this name the team of architects, environmental scientists and engineers will work) start a two-year project to make new age structures much more energy efficient. The IRBE will reconsider construction methods and materials, design and technology developments to literally focus on the exterior of the energy-saving problem. Meaning, the buildings themselves will have to moderate the room temperature, automatically adjust windows for optimal lighting and what not.

Thus, we should receive the ‘intelligent buildings’ which will take care of the inhabitants’ needs simultaneously saving both energy and environment.

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