Futuristic Vehicle: Hybrid Hovercraft

hybrid hovercraft
Michael Mercier has built his personal hovercraft back in school, and he perfected it over the years. Now, he is ready to present the Mercier-Jones lightweight hovercraft to the public as soon as he fundraises $50,000 to build prototypes. Designed in the style of hot-rods, this vehicle features a unique gas-electric hybrid drivetrain supporting high-speed maneuvers. Mercier dreams to turn his brother’s and his own hobby into a successful vehicle. “Anyone considering the purchase of a jet-ski, airboat, small motor boat, snowmobile or even an ATV could potentially consider a hovercraft as a more versatile alternative,” he said. “I also envision the Mercier-Jones hovercraft being purchased by vacation resort companies and rental companies for use by their guests or customers.”
Via: wired.com
hybrid hovercraft

hybrid hovercraft

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