EyeRing: Helper For The Visually Impaired

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The MIT’s Media Lab researchers present EyeRing, an innovation in the field of medicine, a camera-equipped ring that can help the visually impaired identify objects and read text. It is a finger-worn device that allows you to point at an object, take a photo, and hear feedback through a wearable device about the object in focus. This smart gadget is equipped with a camera, a processor and Bluetooth connectivity, furthermore it features the functions of a navigator and translator. A double-click on a button on the ring’s side and a voice command will start the process. EyeRing can be fixed to identify text, colors,or even prices on price tags. After you point the ring and click the button to capture a photo, images will be sent to your Android smartphone via Bluetooth, an app will process the image and produce the results via a digital voice system.

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