World’s First Thorium Molten Salt Experiment in over 45 Years

Europe have begun the world’s first thorium molten salt reactor experiment in over 45 years. With this, Europe has entered the Thorium Energy race!

Thorium is a natural element that can power the world for thousands of years with clean energy! You can hold your entire life’s energy supply in the palm of your hand with thorium.
It has been estimated that 30 times more thorium than what is required to power the entire world’s energy demand is mined as a by-product and thrown away every year.
The race to commercialise thorium is on with China in the lead followed by India, Indonesia and now Europe.
Source: Thorium Energy
Read more: & World Nuclear Association
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Thorium Reactor. Is the future of nuclear power molten salt? The Future of Energy, Thorium-Salt Reactor, Dutch firm NRG

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