The Future Of Warfare: Self-Healing Aircraft And ‘Transformer’ Plane That Can Split Into Three Jets Mid-Air

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Futuristic technologies that include 3D printers so advanced that they can print smaller drones during an airborne mission could be in use by 2040, according to BAE Systems…
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Smaller unmanned aircraft — or UAVs — are created by super high-tech on-board 3D printers, via Additive Layer Manufacturing and robotic assembly techniques. The 3D printers respond to data fed to them by a remote control room where a human commander decides what should be produced.

The UAVs are best suited to each scenario — be it a group of wide-winged aircraft for protracted or enduring surveillance — or rotary-winged UAVs to rescue single civilians or soldiers from dangerous situations. After use the UAVs could render themselves useless through dissolving circuit boards or they might safely land in a recoverable position if re-use was required.

This creates the ultimate adaptable taskforce, with a lead aircraft able to enter any unknown scenario and quickly manufacture an effective toolset for any task.

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