How To Turn Plastic Into Biofuel At A Low Cost. Read On.

egyptian student, plastic biofuel
Azza Abdel Hamid Faiad is a 16-yer-old Egyptian student who won the European Fusion Development Agreement award at the 23rd European Union Contest for Young Scientists with an inexpensive method to turn plastic into biofuel. Using a low-cost catalyst, calcium bentonite, plastic is turned into fuel feedstocks – bulk raw material for biofuel – which produces gases as methane, propane and ethane, later converted into ethanol to be utilized as biofuel. The method is to be further developed in the United Kingdom starting July and to abide by safety measures. “I will pursue my efforts to get my project patented this year through the Egyptian Patent Office and also to see the idea become a tangible project on the ground,” Faiad said.

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