Mind Controlled Electronics Gadget On The Roll

Mind Controlled Gadget, Fujitsu, Synapse, Deniz Cobanoglu
The Synapse – that’s the name of a mixed use electronic personal gadget designed by A. Deniz Cobanoglu for Fujitsu. The main thing – it’s a mind controlled computing device that can be used by anyone aged over 12. Synapse basically incorporates all daily gadgets in the large headphones like device. It can be manipulated by brain waves and measure the customer’s vital stats (like blood pressure etc.) basically monitoring one’s health, as well as be used as a data backup drive, cell phone, digital camera, pollution monitor, and internet access point. What’s more, protected by a security system Synapse safely can store IDs like passport, driver’s license and credit cards info. Due to its design, this device protects the user from loud outer noises providing clear in-call and entertainment audio. Synapse can entertain its user on the go not only through sounds but with videos and images. Sounds like, with this one gadget all functions are performed.
Via: DesignBuzz.com

Mind Controlled Gadget, Fujitsu, Synapse, Deniz Cobanoglu

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