Operate The 13-Foot Robotic Mecha Suit (+ VIDEO)

Kuratas, robot, Suidobashi Heavy Industries, Kogoro Kurata, future japan
We’ve written about this giant mecha suit with water gun by Suidobashi Heavy Industries before. Named Kuratas after its designer Kogoro Kurata this Japanese mega robot has been recently presented at Tokyo’s World Festival. The 13-foot tall and 4.5 ton weighting humanoid robot on wheels with all its 30 hydraulic joints can be operated directly from the cockpit or remotely using a smartphone with a 3G connection. To compensate for its 6 miles per hour, the robot is equipped with a Gatling gun shooting 100 ball bearings per second. Presently Kuratas are announced to be available in 16 colors, costing $1.28 million per robot, with an optional cup holder for just $90.
Via: techland.time.com

Kuratas, robot, Suidobashi Heavy Industries, Kogoro Kurata, future japan


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