Contact Lenses To Monitor Blood Sugar Level (+VIDEO)

contact lense for diabetic
Contact lenses prototype developed at the University of Akron is to help millions of Americans and other people around the world who suffer from diabetes to avoid painful blood testing devices. These lenses detect the glucose in tears that, if not metabolized correctly, would build up the same way as in the blood. The contact lens will identify the problem and change color to warn the wearer. The only drawback, notes Dr. Jun Hu, an organic chemistry researcher, being working on the project since 1999, is that the wearer has to look in the mirror or to be alerted by someone who sees the change. Thus, his present work is focused on creating a smartphone app that could take a picture of the eye and read the blood sugar level in the lens. The application should be sensitive to very subtle changes and let the user detect a problem before it gets serious, hopefully even at pre-diabetic conditions.

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