Inumflis: Next Level Of The Driver-Vehicle Interaction

Inumflis car, Calin Giubega, futuristic vehicle
Inumflis car is designed by Calin Giubega to increase safety on the roads with the help of the pulse detection and driver-vehicle interaction system. Inumflis is basically intended to work with present detection systems that use Global Positioning, Radar and Ultrasound to spot the objects/vehicles around. Then Inumflis will transmit the info from the sensors to the pump and inner layer with patterned air cushions in the steering wheel. The driver will be communicated the data on the speed and distance of the approaching vehicle through the air cushions being inflated with a certain rhythm and intensity.
Inumflis car, Calin Giubega, futuristic concept

Inumflis car, Calin Giubega, future vehicle

Inumflis car, Calin Giubega, futuristic vehicle

Inumflis car, Calin Giubega, futuristic vehicle

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