oRo: Human Powered, Zero Emission Vehicle

oro human powered vehicle
oRo city vehicle is the compact craft in a pod like form, supported by two big front wheels and a projecting mini rear wheel. This exterior is complimented by aerodynamic essence, smooth facade and angular edges. The interior powertrain of the vehicle just consists of a pair of pedals along the leg space. The zero-emission craft also incorporates an easy to use steering mechanism in a cockpit with an adjoining speedometer. To make the ride convenient, oRo features an adjustable seat, flexible tilt of the pod, ventilator slits, a set of lights powered by a built-in battery, and a fully sliding door at the front side.
Via: ecofriend.com

future car, oRo city vehicle

futuristic car, oRo city vehicle

Human Powered car, oRo city vehicle

future urban vehicle, oro, green car

oro, Zero Emission Vehicle

futuristic transportation, eco car, oRo city vehicle

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