Windows Of Opportunity: Interactive Rear Windows By GM (+VIDEO)

Windows Of Opportunity, future vehicle, General Motors
Windows Of Opportunity is a project by General Motors (conceptualized by the Future LAB at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Israel) to improve the travel experience for backseat passengers. The WOO system is actually multi-touch and gesture-sensitive displays with optical sensor technology and EyeClick’s motion incorporated into rear windows. This prototype of the interactive window for passengers allows drawing on the window car, surfing for weather status and car performance, simply watching the real-time outsides scenes and sharing music with the other car travelers on the road. General Motors, however, is not in rush to implement this technology as they expect designers to first invent more sophisticated features to it.
Windows Of Opportunity, future car, General Motors

Windows Of Opportunity, future technology, General Motors

Windows Of Opportunity, future car, General Motors

Windows Of Opportunity, multi-touch, General Motors

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