World First Solar Power Nation – Tokelau

solar-powered nation
With the help of the engineering company Powersmart Solar (New Zealand), the 1,400 residents of the Island of Tokelau hope to generate all their power with a system of 4032 solar panels and 1344 batteries. Additional information on the Tokelau Renewable Energy Project (TREP) is that the Tokelau solar power system has been designed to spread across the three atolls of the Tokelau nation: Fakaofo, Nukunonu, and Atafu, providing round-the-clock 150% of the nation’s electricity needs, and being able to withstand tropical storms. Hopefully, Tokelau will be the first of many Pacific islands that, according to the UNDP, are among the most petroleum dependent territories in the world.

Tokelau solar powered

power-smart nation

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