Rotary Hydroponic Gardening System For Indoors

Green Wheel, nasa, hydroponic system, future garden
Green Wheel is a rotary hydroponic system conceptualized by Libero Rutilo to grow fresh herbs and salad within an apartment. The system, originally developed by NASA for gardening in the conditions of space, has an eco-friendly coco fiber inside to support the plant roots and includes water reservoir and pump system for automatic irrigation. The engine is hidden inside, the lamp is placed in the middle, close to the plants to reduce lighting consumption, and all the features of system can be maintained via a smartphone.
Green Wheel, green future, futuristic garden

Green Wheel, green technology, hydroponic system, future home

Green Wheel, eco-friendly, hydroponic system, future house

Green Wheel, food, hydroponic system, future gadget

Green Wheel, nasa, hydroponic system, future device

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