Elevator To Space. Not A Song Line But A Way To Space Travel.

space elevator, future space travel
Obayashi Corp a Japanese fastidious company that is not happy with building second tallest structure in the world called the Tokyo Sky Tree decided to kill all the arguments on the topic of “the highest” with its next project – the space elevator. This construct is going to be sixty miles high (pay attention to the underlined once again) and serve as an actual elevator to space. This space elevator will be able to lift about thirty people at a time to a terminal at one third up the way. The rest of the structure will achieve the space and have a counterweight at the quarter of the distance to the Moon itself. This trip will last one week and will cut the space travel cost tremendously. Let’s wait till 2050 to see this slick elevator in action, or maybe even ride it.
Via: thecreatorsproject.com

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