iFood Touchscreen Kitchen Concept

iFood, Touchscreen Kitchen, Chiara Daniele
Chiara Daniele decided to create the smart and totally touch controlled kitchen concept and called it the iFood. In this kitchen one can remotely control all the kitchen from the touchscreen fridge door. This door also permits you to see through to get to know what’s inside. And the cooking plane displays you cooking times, stove heat, weight of ingredients and what not. Of course, all the other appliances have the touch panels also.
Via: designlaunches.com
iFood, Touchscreen Kitchen, Chiara Daniele

iFood, Future Kitchen, Chiara Daniele

iFood, Kitchen Concept, Chiara Daniele

iFood, Touchscreen technology, Modern Kitchen, Chiara Daniele

iFood, Innovation Kitchen, Chiara Daniele

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