FDA Approved Telescopic Implant To Cure Poor Eyesight (+VIDEO)

implantable telescope, telescopic implant, FDA, VisionCare, California, Medicare, medical technology
The telescopic implant developed by VisionCare in California has been recently approved by the FDA. This small implantable telescope might solve the problem of losing your sight because of macular degeneration. The thing is that your peripheral vision usually remains good, but looking straight ahead, you mainly see nothing but an inky void. This device refocuses your central vision away from the damaged part of the retina onto other areas that can still see well. The telescope is being implanted in one eye, so the patient then uses the untreated eye for peripheral vision and the telescope-equipped eye for their central vision. The FDA approved the device for patients aged 75 with stable “dry” end stage macular degeneration that numbers 500,000 new cases each year. The procedure is pricey (costs $15,000), though patients claim that vision improvements are remarkable.

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