Waterproof, Magnetic, Antibacterial… Paper! Nano-Paper.

waterproof, magnetic, nano, paper
Dr. Roberto Cingolani from the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia of Italy and the team of scientists have developed a technology to turn a usual paper waterproof, antibacterial, magnetic, fluorescent, and so on and so forth. During this nanothechnology process single molecules are gathered in paper and connected with specific nanoparticles to form a polymer matrix to then be dispersed with a variety of solutions. Various nanoparticles will create a soft 3D shell around the paper fibers, changing the paper properties according to their qualities. Let’s say, if iron oxide nanoparticles are added the paper will become magnetic, and if the silver ones are thrown in, then the paper will gain antibacterial nature. Various types of paper can have various uses, from medical and food packaging applications to saving documents and cultural heritage and what not.
Via: gizmowatch.com

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