Efficient and Affordable Lotus World Car Concept

future vehicle, Lotus World Car Concept
This project started the International Council on Clean Transportation and further supported by Lotus with the California Air Resources Board, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is meant to result in a safe lightweight and sporty people’s vehicle with an attractive interior and reduced CO2 footprint. The seats are placed in the McLaren F1 style with the driver in front and in the middle and two passengers behind him on the sides with additional luggage space (which can be transformed into the fourth passenger seat). The car will perform in the Lotus style jumping from zero to 60 mph in eight to nine seconds. Lotus World Car will have the wheels outboard of the greenhouse area creating an aerodynamic favorable drop-shape. This concept vehicle is to be performance oriented, pleasant looking, fuel-efficient and affordable.
Via: AutoMotto.com
future vehicle, Lotus World Car Concept

future vehicle, Lotus World Car Concept

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