Extreme And Remote Fire-Fighting Wildfire Truck

Remote Fire Fighting, Wildfire Truck, future vehicle
Morita Holdings Corporation got 2011 IDEA Gold Award – the highest in the Commercial and Industrial Products category – for its fire-fighting Wildfire Truck. This concept designed for wild forests and other remote areas offers improved firefighting techniques and functions that amplify the firefighters’ efforts and improve their coordination. Among those are: the satellite communication unit; compressed air foam system (CAFS) capable of turning small quantities of water into large amounts of foam with single touch pump control; LED light systems and cameras; six-sided and multiple monitors water and dust proof operation deck with wind speed and direction measurement tools for the efficient team work; discharge nozzles, compatible with both water and foam, allow to use small amount of water; all topped with hydraulic movable racks for easy equipment access and gull wing doors that hold back neither the vehicle nor the team from entering narrow places.
Via: AutoMotto.com
Remote Fire Fighting Truck, future vehicle

Remote Fire Fighting vehicle

Remote Fire Fighting, Wildfire Truck, future vehicle

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