S.Deer: Headquarters In Style

sdeer headquarters, futuristic architecture, future building, Nanjing, China
S.deer, a retail clothing company in Nanjing, China, decided to build a fashionable headquarters, which was designed as such by Prechteck. An unofficial logo for the company has been used to design the building consisting of two cubes of different dimensions (bigger one measuring 25,000 sq. meters). Stylish headquarters will include administrative area, meeting and conference rooms, offices, underground parking, workshops, creative spaces for people to relax, a museum and lifestyle area for parties and fashion shows, as well as naturally lit angled sky gardens. Among the sustainable traits of the building are photovoltaic panels, gray water treatment and algae bio cultivation.
Via: designbuzz.com
sdeer, futuristic architecture, future building, Nanjing, China

sdeer, headquarters in nanjing

futuristic architecture, future building, Nanjing, China

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