Varied Light Car Meant For Rent

EDAG, Light Car Sharing, Future Rent A Car
The German company EDAG presented a concept vehicle named Light Car Sharing at Geneva Motor Show 2012 that is intended to be a rented city automobile. The leased vehicle can be left anywhere in the street and its special LED panel will glow red if it’s still taken and green if the car is free for a new renter. The car will be smart enough to drive without a driver to the point(s) indicated by passengers. Controlling many features and paying for rent could be executed via a mobile phone for the users’ comfort.
EDAG, Light Car Sharing, Future Car

EDAG, Light Car Sharing, Future city automobile

EDAG, Light Car Sharing, Futuristic Car

EDAG, Light Car Sharing, paying via mobile phone

EDAG, Light Car Sharing, Futuristic vehicle

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