Stack Car By Michelin For 2046

Stack futuristic car, Michelin
Stack futuristic car, one of Michelin Challenge Design Finalists, addresses the population growth, uses alternative energy sources, and applies nano technology and Artificial Intelligence. Stack or rather its rigid solar cells shell is stacked to save the parking space, while its flexible hammock emerges only when drive’s on board.

Stack futuristic car, Michelin
The moving force is magnetic levitation, exploiting two magnets, one rotor magnet and one attached to the wheel. The shock absorption and magnetic fields interruption issues are resolved with design. The shell generates energy from the sun and recharges the four batteries of the vehicle. The roof layers are created to improve the aerodynamics of the Stack futuristic car.
Stack futuristic car, Michelin

Stack, future car, Michelin

Stack, futuristic vehicle, Michelin

Stack, unique car, Michelin

Stack futuristic transportation, Michelin

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