The Tangible Jukebox: Enjoy The Music You Like And The Fun Of Interaction

Tangible Jukebox, FUTURE MEDIA, Jason Rados
Entertainment media is becoming more cognitive and interactive. Bright example of this is the Tangible Jukebox which helps the user taper down the choice of artists, albums, and genres by means of collaborative playlists to listen to precisely “your” music. The device uses tangible user interface (TUI) to play with digital playlists, making it fun to operate. A vigorous bright and colorful lighting of jukebox makes it highly appealing for the points of socialization as clubs and bars.
Tangible Jukebox, FUTURE device, Jason Rados

Tangible Jukebox, FUTURE music gadget, Jason Rados

Tangible Jukebox, FUTURistic device, Jason Rados

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