Skycars For You, And For Two

Skycars LS, future flying vehicle
Moller International (California, USA) have submitted two flying cars: the Skycar 200 LS and the Skycar 100 LS for qualification under the Light Sport Aircraft category of the Federal Aviation Administration. These vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) crafts are the two-seater and the single-seater vehicles with pretty low initial investment as well as maintenance and operating costs, also requiring its operators to have only a Sport Pilot certificate.

The Skycars are, in a way, hybrids as they offer some electrical motor power supply. Both Skycar 200 LS and Skycar 100 LS models need around 10 seconds to go into parachute safe mode, take over 16 seconds to lift off and have a maximum range: of 434 miles on a full tank with two passengers aboard (200 LS) while it functions at 122 mph speed and intakes 42 miles per gallon, and of 463 miles on a full tank while it operates at 154 mph speed and burns 7.37 gallons per hour at sea level.
Skycars LS, future flying car

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