Drone-On-Drone Dogfighting 2015 By … U.S. Navy

drone squadron
Students and engineers of the Naval Postgraduate School in Southern California with Assistant Professor Timothy Chung amidst them are getting ready for 2015 creating drones, launching systems and the software for over fifty unmanned aircraft to dogfifght with the drones from other teams. So, what’s the news? Chung’s team has been working on small drones to work in tandems, which is impossible for the present-day drones. Speaking about the limitations, the prototypes are launched either by hand or by principles of PVC Pipe and bungie cord; being battery operated their life is too short for prospective warriors. Chung’s team is to create a scalable solution (within the budget) showing a number of people required to launch, operate and maintain the swarms. Once the mission is accomplished, the team will have gained a huge knowledge base for the U.S. military.
Via: dvice.com

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