Secure Networked Lock From Lockitron

Having a networked lock installed, presents a wide range of benefits: you can unlock the door for guests, remotely control access to your home and besides you don’t need to carry a heavy bunch of keys everywhere. Lockitron, the hardware company engaged in networked deadbolts production, has come up with a new hardware locking concept. The smart gadget fits over your existing deadbolt, connects via WiFi to your home network and lets you unlock your door through an SMS message or through an app for iOS. The device is Bluetooth-enabled, so your iPhone can automatically unlock the door when you get home, besides it sends notifications when your door is locked or unlocked. The lock has the most functionality if you’re got an iPhone, but an Android app update for this new model will work as well. You can feel secure, that your lock won’t be hacked, cause Lockitron applies the same security protocols used in online banking.

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