Project Blue: A Telescope to Find Habitable Worlds

Imagine discovering a habitable world like ours, a sister Earth, not too far from the place we call home.
BoldlyGo Institute (New York, United States):
“Thanks to recent breakthroughs, the technology now exists to do so. Project Blue aims to search the Alpha Centauri system for planets like Earth. We are asking for your help to “launch” our engineering design effort. This phase is similar to creating blueprints for a house before construction begins. We need to raise $175,000 to carry out this phase of the mission and to establish additional industry partnerships. Your support is critical at this early mission stage, and we hope you will join us throughout the entire lifecycle of this exciting mission of discovery.”
Source: Project Blue
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Project Blue: A Telescope to Find Habitable Worlds | Space Future, Alpha Centauri, BoldlyGo Institute, The Future of Satellite

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