New York Tower To Add To Manhattan Skyline

New York Tower, future skyscraper, One Madison Avenue, Daniel Libeskind
New York Tower project by Studio Daniel Libeskind is a residential building proposal to overlook Madison Square Park in Manhattan. The design features a series of spiraling gardens along the tower set back from its neighbors maintaining views and maximizing light and air. The 54-storey building that will become a major addition to the skyline of Manhattan will stand on a 14-storey annex for the Metropolitan Life masonry structure. The proposal will reach a more definitive deadline when the proposal enters the public review process.
New York Tower, future skyscraper, futuristic architecture, Daniel Libeskind

New York Tower, future skyscraper, futuristic building, Daniel Libeskind

New York Tower, future skyscraper, futuristic structure, Daniel Libeskind

New York, futuristic Tower, future skyscraper, Manhattan, Daniel Libeskind

New York, future Tower, futuristic skyscraper, Manhattan, Daniel Libeskind

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