Solar & Wind-Powered Living Aleutian Home 2012

home for harsh environment
Submitted for the 2012 Living Aleutian Home competition this OS+A house by Organic Scapes and Architecture is equipped with both solar and wind power generators and meant for harsh conditions. The house is set on a concrete footing half of the size of the home area to allow integrated wind turbines catch the wind blowing underneath, to lessen the amount of ice accumulated under the building, to reduce contact with the frozen earth and provide the firm setting simultaneously. Wind turbines provide 33% of the energy to this lobster-tail structure, while remaining 67% of energy is provided via a photovoltaic film laminate embracing the entire second skin of the building. North and south glazing is well-thought to maximize the winter sun, offering gorgeous views, and the interior spaces have operable windows for natural ventilation. For the warm home comfort this house features heated floors.
home for harsh environment
eco-friendly home, future house

eco-friendly home, green architecture

Aleutian Home OS+A, green house

Aleutian Home, OS+A, future architecture

Living Aleutian Home, OS+A, futuristic house

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