Mithos Electromagnetic Vehicle: Supercar Of The Future

Mithos, futuristic supercar, Electromagnetic Vehicle
Tiago Miguel Inacio, a Portuguese designer envisioned his version of a supercar of the future – Mithos Electromagnetic Vehicle. Looking like a futuristic Batmobile the vehicle is to run a 1.5 MW electric motor which turns into 2,011 horsepower. Its body is to withstand crashes (being created out of a yet undiscovered H-fiber) and to have a shape memory feature to remedy itself from scratches and alike. Mithos EV is to adapt to various road and off-road conditions via Terrain Scanning System, and is to be delivered to customers by means of molecular transporter, or, putting it is simple words, teleported.
Mithos, futuristic car, Electromagnetic Vehicle

Mithos, Electromagnetic car

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