MediRobot To Lift And Transport In-Hospital Patients

MediRobot, futuristic technology, transport Hospital Patients
ITRI MediRobot by Pilotfish was developed in collaboration with Taipei Municipal Yan Ming Home for the Disabled to meet the real needs of the patients in need of assistance to move and of their caregiving pesonnel. The MediRobot can both lift and transport patients inside hospitals, unlike traditional lifters that are to be used in combination with wheelchairs for transportation. This cuts the procedure time and permits the caregiver to fully concentrate on the patient without any physical strain. This servo-controlled device can also help in walking. It collects data like weight and blood pressure through the sensors in the sling and can serve as an infotainment tool for the patient too.

MediRobot, futuristic innovations, transport Hospital Patients

MediRobot, futuristic transport, Hospital Patients

MediRobot, future robot, Hospital Patients

MediRobot, futuristic technology, transport Hospital Patients

MediRobot, future transport, Hospital Patients

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