Is It Sci-Fi Or Is It Hi-Tech Urban Living?

Beijing, futuristic flat, future building
Designed by Yaohua Wang Architecture one could not define at a glance what that UFO robotic-looking thing is. Well, that is definitely neither of the possibly guessed, as it is a futuristic hi-tech family apartment. Looking one hundred and one percent sci-fi, it is claimed to become pretty real with only $2 million investment by 2015. The 500 square feet housing is to hang with the help of hydraulic arm of a building in Beijing. This hydraulic arm utilizes the empty air space in the much congested city and is also to serve as a cushion against Beijing’s earthquakes. Inside the suspended flat there are three bedrooms, a green room and a creative studio. This revolutionary structure has a right for existence especially so far on the pictures, while its design is still under approval phase.
Beijing, futuristic flat, future architecture

Beijing, future flat, 2015, futuristic building

Beijing, futuristic flat, future building

Beijing, futuristic flat, Yaohua Wang Architecture

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