Kingdom Tower In Saudi Arabia: World Tallest Project

kingdom tower
This Kingdom Tower (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia) is approved as a central part of $20 billion Kingdom City development. Its 200 floors are expected to stand over 3,280 feet (1,000 meters) high, which is 568 feet (173 m) taller than the tallest world structure Burj Khalifa, uptake 5.7 mln sq. feet (530,000 sq. meters), and cost $1.2 billion to construct. Kingdom Tower is planned as a mixed-use building, having a luxury hotel, serviced apartments, top-notch condominiums, office spaces and the world highest observatory. It is to be finished in 2017.

futuristic tower, Saudi Arabia, Jeddah, future skyscraper

future tower, Saudi Arabia, Jeddah, futuristic skyscraper

future kingdom tower

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