Twin Skyscrapers With Common Roof And Sky Gardens

pentimonium, korea
Twin skyscrapers (Seoul, Korea) called Pentimonium are to be joined by a common roof by architects Murphy/Jahn. The roof filters sunlight and protects apartments below which altogether feature sky gardens, including balcony courtyards, and even miniature forest. A connection between two towers will double as a garden area, adding expansive private roof garden to the penthouse. The housing will also be covered in a lattice-work shell to protect sky gardens providing privacy and fresh air to residents.
skyskraper, sky gardens

futuristic skyscrapers, Seoul, Korea, future architecture

future skyscrapers, Seoul, Korea, future architecture

Twin skyscrapers, Seoul, Korea, futuristic interior

Twin skyscrapers, Seoul, Korea, future building

Twin skyscrapers, Seoul, Korea, modern architecture

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